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Area Sales Manager (Bio-Industry)

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Achieves agreed budget and target. Monitors continuously the actual sales performance against budget by products and customers. Assists manager in monitoring of customers credit worthiness.
2. Assists in preparation of marketing plans by
• Identifying key customers
• Evaluating the size and nature of market by products
• Monitors and reports regularly on competitors’ activities
• Assists in recommending objectives and strategies for suppliers
Also assists in implementing and monitoring the marketing plan. Carries out market surveys as agreed with the manager.
3. Achieves price rises consistent with the budget, when market conditions allow them and/or manager and suppliers demand.
4. Plans itinerary and customer visits. Report in advance to the Business Manager on a weekly basis, planned customer visits and meetings.
5. Visits existing and potential key customers at a frequency necessary to achieve the sales target and establishes a long-term business relationship.
6. Engages in the “art of salesmanship” - approaching, presenting, answering objections and closing sales within the product, prices and contract limitations agreed with the manager and suppliers.
7. Keeps proper record and outcome of customer visits. Reports to suppliers on a regular basis as agreed with the manager and suppliers.
8. Handles customers’ complaints by ensuring that the nature of the complaints is clearly understood them as well as by suppliers. Co-ordinates the complaints’ evaluation and manages their adjudication.
9. Acquires relevant product safety information from suppliers and ensures that customers are provided with product and safety data sheets (where relevant) before the first delivery of products.

Job Specification:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Science or any related field.
Experience: At least 5 years’ sales and marketing experience
Age: 28 years and above
Sex: Either Male or Female
• Good command of English, i.e. reading, writing and speaking

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