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Test Engineer

Prime Function:

1. Manage Test section to produce product follow Production plan and schedule.
2. Maintain Test equipment to get a high performance of machines.
3. Investigate for new tools and necessary equipment for production.


1. Ensure the performance of Test staffs & Machine are working high efficiency by monitoring and comparing with GPV stand UPH.
2. Create and update test program for test machine and equipment.
3. Maintain of machine, equipment and spare part in Testing section.
4. Analyze and repair failure product to be good product.
5. Collect and submit rpoduct yield report by monthly with action plan for opportunnity improvement.
6. Request Quality Department for assistance to prevent problems / to solve problems / measurement tasks in order to ensure quality.
7. Suggest to improvements / cost savings and investments.
8. Always strictly complied with Company’s management systems and regulations.

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