Job Duties and Tasks for: "Actuary"


1) Ascertain premium rates required and cash reserves and liabilities necessary to ensure payment of future benefits.

2) Analyze statistical information to estimate mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates.

3) Design, review and help administer insurance, annuity and pension plans, determining financial soundness and calculating premiums.

4) Collaborate with programmers, underwriters, accounts, claims experts, and senior management to help companies develop plans for new lines of business or improving existing business.

5) Determine or help determine company policy, and explain complex technical matters to company executives, government officials, shareholders, policyholders, and/or the public.

6) Testify before public agencies on proposed legislation affecting businesses.

7) Provide advice to clients on a contract basis, working as a consultant.

8) Testify in court as expert witness or to provide legal evidence on matters such as the value of potential lifetime earnings of a person who is disabled or killed in an accident.

9) Construct probability tables for events such as fires, natural disasters, and unemployment, based on analysis of statistical data and other pertinent information.
10) Determine policy contract provisions for each type of insurance.

11) Manage credit and help price corporate security offerings.

12) Provide expertise to help financial institutions manage risks and maximize returns associated with investment products or credit offerings.

13) Determine equitable basis for distributing surplus earnings under participating insurance and annuity contracts in mutual companies.

14) Explain changes in contract provisions to customers.

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