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INTRODUCTION EEE ? Energy Efficiency Engineering Co. Ltd, Energy Efficiency Engineering (Asia) Co Ltd, Energy Efficiency Engineering (International) PTE, Sin San Sai Co Ltd, Elite Energy Services Co Ltd and Nanotech Group Ltd (Hong Kong). Under contract we are SEA Sales Manager and Technical Advisor for Bang & Clean Technologies AG. ? Within our group we hold a number of distribution licenses and patents that range from industrial maintenance & inspection to financial services and waste management of hazardous waste. EEE is the exclusive License holder of CMP Fibalite coatings and pipeline repair systems, SMSL Monitoring Software, Environ Water treatment Chemicals, and the co-owner of nanoTech GMBH cement additives. The focus of the company is the sell the application of these technologies to the petrochemical business, power plants and other heavy industry. The Technologies have the focus to enhance efficiency and optimize maintenance and operational processes. This is currently being achieved through joint ventures with a number of SEA companies. ? Besides the development of the market for a number of efficiencies enhancing products under license of EEE, EEE has developed a department that is focused on developing sales and marketing for companies with complimentary technologies in the power and petrochemical industry. ? APS (Automatic Product Sampler) is a technology developed by EEE for the coal and mining industry to provide on load real time product composition analysis. The main customers of the company are the Electricity Authority of Thailand, PTT, SCG and Glow Energy

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