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Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

Audio-visual Technician & Event Support
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คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน :   Job Description

Position: Audio-visual Technician & Event Support
Department: Admissions and Business Administration
Report to: Audio-visual Technician / Events and Activities Supervisor

Objective: To monitor, maintain and operate light/sound systems throughout the Secondary and Primary Schools, including the visual presentation on the screen via the computer system in the auditorium and in other school settings. To support special events the school has in and outside the school premises (when instructed)

Main Job Roles and Responsibilities:

o To monitor, maintain and operate the light and sound systems throughout the Secondary and Primary School, including the visual presentation via the computer system in the auditorium and other locations and also in the special events/activities that the school has on-campus and off-campus, when instructed
o To oversee the technical requirements of activities/events in the auditorium ensuring that they take place without any technical issues
o Liaise with external and internal event organizers to ensure requirements for events can be met
o To record and format performances in Music and Drama for public examinations
o To monitor the usage of the auditorium to be in line with the school?s usage and rental regulations
o To maintain and repair minor electrical and structural damage to the auditorium
o To work at flexible hours and during the weekend or holidays when instructed
o To prepare and operate sound/lighting in the wider school facilities, and to support and help the related parties for the special events and other rental activities, as instructed
o To prepare & support the setup of all required venues in school for meetings, special events and facilities rentals
o To work collaboratively with the ICT department
o Any other tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor
o Available work at both campuses
o Overview of school maintenance and follow up maintenance team to clean or fix any assets in school and report to Khun Mike
ประเภทงาน :Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School
เงินเดือน / ค่าจ้าง :N/A
คุณสมบัติผู้สมัครงาน :
o Male or Female, Thai Nationality only
o Complete at least High Vocational Certificate, preferably in electronics
o Have at least one or two years of working experiences, especially with visual/light/sound system or audio-visual aids
สวัสดิการ :
Group Insurance OT Provident Fund Bonus Working Time : Monday-Friday
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Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

T77, Sukhumvit 77, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: 02 700 5858 Ext.234

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