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ตัวอย่างคำบรรยายลักษณะงานTechnical Sales Representative (Plastics & Polymer)

คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน Technical Sales Representative (Plastics & Polymer) | Job Description (J.D) , คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน ที่ SIAMHRM.COM , ข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ Technical Sales Representative (Plastics & Polymer), งาน Technical Sales Representative (Plastics & Polymer), ตำแหน่ง Technical Sales Representative (Plastics & Polymer)

Job Summary:

The technical sales representative  is responsible for maintaining and developing business with the existing customers in the area as well as locating and selling to new outlets. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Acquires a thorough working knowledge of all products and applications as well as develops all necessary professional selling skills.
2. Makes the sales plan to cover the areas assigned in the most effective and economic manner. Frequent visits the existing and potential customers. Sells products to customers to achieve the agreed budget and targets. Takes customers’ orders and prepares order forms with full details to Customers Service officers. Furthermore, follow-up direct shipment status and delivery of goods to customers on time in full.
3. Maintains and develops relations with customers and provides them with commercial and technical service as well as promotes goodwill of the organization.
4. Identifies key customers and keeps the up-to-date records of all customers and prospective customers.
5. Plans the itinerary and customers’ visits and reports in advance to supervisor/manager on a weekly basis.
6. Gathers all information as a survey on the responsible products, discusses market requirement to supervisor/manager.   Monitors and submits a regular report on competitors’ activities
7. Assists in recommending objectives and strategies for various suppliers and products.
8. Responds to all customers’ problems on products, delivery, documents, etc.

Job Specification:

• Education: Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Chemistry and any related field.
• Experience: At least 1-2 years’ of experience in sales & marketing.
Age: 22 years and up
Sex: Either male or female
• Good command of English, i.e. reading, writing and speaking.
• Ability to operate PC and Microsoft

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