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ตัวอย่างคำบรรยายลักษณะงานSenior Recruitment Officer

คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน Senior Recruitment Officer | Job Description (J.D) , คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน ที่ SIAMHRM.COM , ข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ Senior Recruitment Officer, งาน Senior Recruitment Officer, ตำแหน่ง Senior Recruitment Officer

Key Responsibilities:

• Support line manager to perform first screen candidate profiles and conduct interview activities, identify short list candidates to ensure recruitment effectiveness, includes assist HR manager to handle all recruitment activities in accordance with the approved budget and develop the tests and analyze recruitment’ s data for management
• Support recruitment team for recruitment processes and procedures and work closely with line manager to ensure successful screening processes
• Manage and monitor company recruitment database
• Keep record all recruitment budget and activities
• Search and deal with both new and existing recruitment agencies for recruitment’ s advertising include designing recruitment’ s media such as poster and brochure to promote employer branding
• Support manager to coordinate with department head for manpower planning
• Interviewing candidates for all positions in operation up to supervisor level
• Handle job offering and negotiate salary and benefit to successful candidate
• Participate in recruitment activities which assign by manager such as career exhibition and campus recruitment, etc.


• Male or Female
• Thai nationality
• Age 27-30 years old
• Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management or related field
• Minimum 4 years experience in HR function of Banking Institution is preferable
• Knowledge and functional competency interview in recruitment and selection process
• Good command of written and spoken English
• Strong computer literacy in Microsoft Office
• Effective and excellent team work in interpersonal communication skills
• Service-mind, enthusiastic, able to work under high pressure, hardworking, dynamic, action oriented and high responsibility

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