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ตัวอย่างคำบรรยายลักษณะงานPublic Relation Officer

คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน Public Relation Officer | Job Description (J.D) , คำบรรยายลักษณะงาน ที่ SIAMHRM.COM , ข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ Public Relation Officer, งาน Public Relation Officer, ตำแหน่ง Public Relation Officer

Job responsibility:

1. Responsible for front desk functions.
2. Responsible for efficient telephone service by answering/transferring all incoming calls quickly to ensure shortest possible holding-on time for the callers.
3. Attend to all guests and visitors'' enquiries at the reception. Provide direction services to visitors by welcoming them, answering their queries and coordinate informing the appropriate staff to contact them properly to ensure the good image of Company.
4. Keep good looking and well prepare for front reception and all meeting facilities.
5. Answering and screening telephone call and transferring all phone calls and take adequate messages when required.
6. Provide administrative support as and when assigned.


1. Thai Female, age 25 - 32 years old.
2. University graduate in any related fields
3. At least 1 - 2 years experience in related job.
4. Pleasant personality, strong interpersonal skill and service minded.
5. Good decision making, planning and organizing.
6. Good command of English (**preferred TOEIC 400 up**) both spoken & written.
7. Sufficient knowledge in computer literacy (proficient in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.).
8. Enthusiastic, diligent, careful, has service mind and good skill to contact with customers.

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